89.484 CZK

typ Plachtové návěsy
Značka Kögel
Model threesided strickling coil mulde, vin 387
Rok výroby 2008


Stát Slovenská republika Rok registrace 2008-03 Skladové č. 387 Typ nápravy 3 Výbava Kotoučové brzdy Další informace KOGEL threesided sgtrickling r.v.:3/2008, disc brakes, tyres, L of coil mulde system: 8,50m, inside hight:2,80 m, t 5yres%, axles SAF, weight : 7000 kg, total weight: 35000 kg, PRICE:3500 EUR NETTO Follow us on Facebook Slovakfinance +421 914 733 333 – We speak Hungarian, English +421 914 666 000 We speak German, Hungarian, English, Russian +421 914 666 222 We speak English, Russian Export plates and insurance: 300,-Eur/truck ; 200,-Eur/trailer BUYING IN EUROPEAN UNION- If the truck is buying the company from European union, the company has to pay DEPOZIT + 20% TAX. We charge this depozit to make sure you will admit purchasing of the truck in EU in your Revenue authority. We need confirmation from your Revenue authority that the truck that you bought from us is in your country and that you pay VAT for it. We also need the copy of vehicle registration certificat registered in your country. After sending us booth documents by e-mail we will send you your depozit (20%TAX) back to your bank account. BUYING OUTSIDE OF EUROPEAN UNION-If the truck is buying the company outside of the European Union, the company has to pay DEPOZIT + 20% TAX for the coll documents. Coll documents will be confirmed on the boarder of the European Union, you will send us that confirmed document back and we will give you 20 % TAX back. If you are planning to visit our company please bring us these documents: your complete company details (registration papers of the company, confirmation about European Union TAX NUMBER..), copy of the passport of the boss of the company or authorization for the employee, if the boss is not coming personally).

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